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Energy Generation Magnet Assembly Technology.

24/7 Ferro Electro Conductivity for Lighting, Heating and Cooling .

Excited Ferro Electro Dynamo

(Ferromagnetism in permanent magnets displays its magnetic force even in the absence of its external electrical source; likewise ferroelectricity in permanent magnets displays its power of conductivity even in the absence of any external electrical source!)

Utility: Rotating Novelty Generating Electricity

Development Status: Demo Prototype (Commercial Prototype needs to be developed)

Stator: Ferrite Magnets and ferrous metals arranged in a Specific Sequence resulting in Magnetic Helicity

Rotor: Ferrite Magnets sustain Momentum due to Magnetic Helicity in the Stator

Input: Nil from external energy sources! Running on Ferro Electro Phenomenon!!

Output: Low RPM (Hence, off-grid, Small Power Stand alone Systems are envisaged)

Working Principle: Helical magnetic force causes Rotary Motion of Permanent Magnets.

Advantages: Performs Anytime, Anywhere; Operating Cost Nil

Applications: A coupled Direct Drive Neodymium Alternator generates electricity

Promising Feature: Ideally suited for Storage Indoor & Outdoor

High End Usage: All Weather (Heating, Cooling & Lighting)

Life Span: So long a time as Potential Magnetism lasts in this Magnet Assembly

Intellectual Property Rights: Published Patent Applications:

IN 2235/CHE/2011

WIPO WO2013001545
US 2014/0125438
EP 2727227
CN 103748773

Transfer Terms: Technical Know-How, Patent -- License / Assignment

Interested manufacturing industrial organizations are hereby heartily invited to evaluate a demonstration of the Excited Ferro Electro Dynamo designed and developed by Nathan Senthilvel Ambalam at his Yantrayan R&D facility in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.

A great opportunity to serve humankind energetically across the globe in a novel way!