An ardent researcher to the core, Nathan Senthilvel Ambalam has documented the results of his experiments and findings in his research papers with such novel components, written all through his career, for further research and development of these all-magnet machines in future.

The following are the patent applications he filed at Intellectual Property India Patent Office. The particulars of the provisional specifications with titles, numbers and the years in which each patent application was filed, have been given below:

Permanent Magnet’s Motion (199/MAS/1995)

High Energy Magnet Array (748/MAS/1996)

Millennium Energy Magnet Array X˛ (134/MAS/1997)

Energy Magnets for Endless Motion (185/MAS/1998)

Magnetic Lenses Concave and Convex – MACAVEX (208/MAS/1998)

Magcavex Array for Limitless Energy (1240/MAS/1998)

Focussed Magnetic Force for Energy (790/MAS/1999)

Neutro-iron Arrowmagnets Generating Arrays – NAGAS (548/MAS/2001)

Gasless Magnetoplasma Generator (57/MAS/2002)

Xflux Quad-in-hex Ironmix Magnets (263/CHE/2004)

Hyperconductivity: A Ferro Electro Mechanism (555/CHE/2005)
Turbo and Dynamo Utilizing Hyperconductivity of Ferro Electro Mechanism, filed with complete specification; published: Journal No: 31/2008

Enginex Dynamics (1648/CHE/2005)

A Ferro Electro Engine (297/CHE/2007)

Ferroelectricity Metallines (2351/CHE/2007)

Infinite Energy Technology (1313/CHE/2008)

Power Quarks (3081/CHE/2008)
System Employing Magnetic Effect for Energy Generation and its Operating Method, filed with complete specification; published: Journal No: 8/2010

Fusion Yokes (1565/CHE/2009)

Hypersymmetric Powermagnetics (2255/CHE/2010)

Ferro Dynamo (1073/CHE/2011)

Excited Dynamo (2235/CHE/2011)
Excited Ferro Electro Dynamo
Filed with Complete Specification; published: Journal No: 25/2013
A prototype has been assembled at Yantrayan R&D facility for this green energy invention