It is true that inventions have changed the world. But, because of the changed scenario, the dire need of the hour is energy. There are many energy generating methods, as of now. The present green energy technology is unique in that the intrinsic property “spin” complex in permanent magnets has been judiciously utilized.

Nathan Senthilvel Ambalam, 60, after his extensive research in magnetic properties, spanning more than 25 years, has invented this spin system that uses only magnetic properties of permanent magnets to generate energy. In the present invention magnets are hyper charged to extract that intrinsic energy by arranging permanent magnets and ferrous materials in a specific sequence to effect a spin, based on his specific sequence theory.

It is believed, by analogy, as there is ferromagnetism, there should be ferroelectricity too, and may be in various forms. True to the belief, he found permanent magnets hold ferroelectric property. This type of ferroelectricity moves the rotor, a permanent magnet over stator that consists of ironmix permanent magnets for a very long time, as long as magnetism lasts in this system. A ferro electro mechanical energy at last!

He has at the first instance published a patent application for, “Turbo and Dynamo utilizing Hyperconductivity of Ferro electro Mechanism” in India and at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization): publication No: WO2007148146 dated 27.12.2007 corresponding to Indian patent application No: 555/CHE/2005. Please visit:

He has also published his invention, “System Employing Magnetic Effect for Energy Generation and its Operating Method” in India and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) publication numbered WO2010070674; dated 24.06.2010 corresponding to Indian patent application No: 3081/CHE/2008, titled Power Quarks. Please visit:

The latest in this series for green energy inventions that has been published by him is, “Excited Ferro Electro Dynamo” in India and at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization); publication numbered WO2013001545; dated 03.01.2013 corresponding to Indian Patent Application No: 2235/CHE/2011. Please visit:

The present green energy invention, constructed with certain novel features is an improved version of those two inventions already published. The rotor magnets move freely in this system, thereby generating a ferroelectro mechanical energy, wherein the zero resistivity is an obvious advantage over the other two inventions. Now this system with rotating twins engages a dynamo device too, to generate electricity. Ultimately this system is to engage all machines that are on the move! This invention is ready for transfer of technology with a prototype he developed and built at Yantrayan R&D.

The inventor Nathan Senthilvel Ambalam has the Intellectual Property Rights in the following countries for the published patents”Excited Ferro Electro Dynamo”:

IN 2235/CHE/2011

WIPO WO2013001545

US 2014/0125438

EP 2727227

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