Society gets all the comforts from inventions, but only through industries. When inventors can take risks as challenges for the welfare of humankind, industries can not afford to lag behind. Industries can make use of such opportunities to commercialize the inventions with their astute corporate acumen.

As for as this green energy invention, Excited Ferro Electro Dynamo is concerned, for the industries that show interest to manufacture and market it world-wide, it is not a mere diversity of business. Since there will be no competing products for this invention, for such industries, that ventures into this new technology, theirs will be the reigning premium products. Does it mean that there will not be any challenge? Yes, there will be, but a different kind of challenge a challenge to flood the market with as many variants for the customers to choose from.

Electricity generation in a new dimension is possible with this new technology, where conventional methods of production are practically difficult in areas where raw materials are scarcely available without proper infrastructure.

With the availability of raw materials in abundance -- only permanent magnets and ferrous metals -- this invention can be assembled by industries without much difficulty which is an unusual thing when manufacturing involves adopting new technology.

Remote rural areas, hill habitats, polar regions, space exploration, communication, and satellites, apart from land, air, and sea are potential application areas for this invention.

This invention, Excited Ferro Electro Dynamo by Nathan Senthilvel Ambalam fits in the class of eco clean technologies. Its our earnest invitation extended to industries to participate to serve all with the environment consciousness with this green technology that comes now with a prototype he built at Yantrayan R&D facility.