Nathan Senthilvel Ambalam, who is known for his austere adherence to siddha traditions, entered into R&D (research and development) activities soon after his post graduation at the prestigious St. Joseph’s College, Trichy, in Tamil Nadu, India.

He set up a mini research lab in Trichy in 1983, and started the crucial path breaking experiments with magnetic properties that too against all odds to extract energy – against the conventional scientific principles -- not at all inspirational to extract energy from magnets, as such!

Only by working against the tides, he surmounted the barrier to ward off the negations. In the theory he propounded and the equations he formulated, one can see clearly that there is every possibility that energy can be tapped from permanent magnets by adopting simple methods. Practical sessions he carried out in his mini lab started showing results in increments -- a dawn of hope for the humanity in an unknown area -- and he meticulously built a prototype of first generation all-magnet machine with the consolidated results.

This green energy invention, Excited Ferro Electro Dynamo, culminated from his boyhood dream of doing something with permanent magnets with ease of use other than the ways in which they were put to use. Though he got interested in electricity and magnetism in his school days at Vaithiswarankoil, his home town in erstwhile Tanjore (now, Nagappattinam) district in Tamil Nadu, he ventured deep into the realm of magnetism only after completion of his collegiate education.

He filed application for patents in India and at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) for this green energy invention. His ingenuity is evidently portrayed in the prototype he designed and developed at Yantrayan R&D for this green energy invention, Excited Ferro Electro Dynamo, a cosmic science in action, which generates power from the arrays of permanent magnets with ferrous metals that are arranged in a specific sequence.