This services home Yantrayan is dedicated to all those who have unquenchable curiosity to unravel the mystery of the universe and its workings. More so, it is also devoted to provide succor to one and all who are longing to get at the Truth and also the dynamics of existent vast universe which is but external in nature.

The hidden science of the universe can be explored into deeper space to understand the dynamics of cosmos, in the same way as one would search and reach one’s Self by going inward to find the interiority of one’s own Self, in order to learn about hidden science of inner Self, which encompasses all dynamism.

As the seekers of REALITY attain fulfillment when they go inward to find out the Self which is infinite, for the well being of humankind, Nathan Senthilvel Ambalam, the founder of this services home, himself a yoga exponent, after an extensive deeper research in magnetic properties -- bio and cosmic magnetism as well -- has come up with energetic solutions for the energy crises that need immediate attention for the comforts in life for all.

By reaching the core of the universe, he has diligently decoded the hidden principles of cosmos -- micro and macro -- and encoded the same in machines that would serve humankind in many ways in our day to day life. The power we derive from his inventions is, simply, infinite green energy from a clean technology by a non conventional means.

To minimize burden and maximize comforts, machines are needed in our everyday life. So, as a first step he published patent applications for such machines, titled, Turbo and Dynamo utilizing Hyperconductivity of Ferro electro Mechanism (2005) and System Employing Magnetic Effect for Energy Generation and its Operating Method (2010) in India and at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) at Geneva, Switzerland. The latest one that India and WIPO published is his invention, Excited Ferro Electro Dynamo (2013) for which he has developed a prototype at Yantrayan R&D facility.